Diane Carver

Diane Carver portrait

Diane Carver has been painting on silk for twenty-some years. Previously, she had studied drawing, design, and painting (with oil and acrylics). She has also been designing and sewing clothing for many more years. After discovering how to incorporate her painted silk into quilted pieces (quilting by both machine and hand), she was off and running.

Her painted silk pieces are all hand-painted with brushes on white silk, using the Serti or the watercolor technique with permanent silk fabric paints. The finished paintings are then quilted, using batting and a backing fabric, and the edges are bound.

She loves fabric and painting equally, and she is happiest when combining the two. She finds the wonderful tactile feel of a finished, quilted piece deeply gratifying. She has also made twenty bed size quilts for her children and many grandchildren (out of cotton pieces arranged in her own designs).

She has been associated with nine shops in Northern California and Texas over the past twenty years. In addition to her quilted works, she sold silk pillows, wallhangings, vests, scarves, and jackets, all of them of hand painted silk.

You can contact Diane Carver by emailing her at carverdb@sbcglobal dot net


"Debating Oysters" (41" x 17") is a whole-cloth silk painting with painted silk borders and binding, cotton batting and backing, and machine quilting.

quilt image

"Bird Of Paradise" was made using a whole cloth silk painting with painted silk borders and binding, cotton batting and backing and quilted by machine.