Jaye Lapachet

Jaye Lapachet portrait

Jaye A.H. Lapachet has been making quilts since 1986, when she took a quilt making course at the San Lorenzo Adult School in California's San Francisco Bay Area. She is interested in the interplay of colors in quilt design, and has recently begun using machine applique to study different shapes and the effects of layering. Ms. Lapachet enjoys working in collaboration with other quilt makers and also exploring an idea in series.

Ms Lapachet is a member of numerous quilting groups and organizations. Before she began making quilts, she enjoyed collaging and painted in acrylics and watercolors. She has taken courses in many artistic media, art history, design, and sewing. She has more recently begun chronicling her family's life and travels through various paper arts. More of Ms. Lapachet's work can be found at her Art Quilt Maker blog.


5 of Swords image

"5 of Swords". 100% cotton fabrics and thread, machine pieced, machine applique, machine embroidery, machine quilted. One of a group of Tarot card quilts for the Tarot Art Quilt Project.

Ms. Lapachet identifies with the suit of Swords. The sharpness and the straightness of the swords appeals to her sense of order. Also, when she sees a Sword, she knows she needs to stand up and pay attention. The Five is a card about choices. Which figure in the card do you identify with? Make your choice and take that figure's feeling and emotions away with you when you leave the image.

Ms. Lapachet reviewed a lot of different "5 of Sword" cards and decided to work with a basic image. She attempted to use color to convey meaning rather than extreme detail. She felt the shadows on the Swords were important and settled on some basic machine embroidery to create them.

The "5 of Swords" is for sale - contact Ms. Lapachet at her Art Quilt Maker blog. Official appraisal available.

Seeing Red quilt

"Seeing Red" started out as a round robin block exercise with Julie Zaccone Stiller and Adrienne Acoba. We sent each other squares of red fabric and proceeded to add circles to them in the bullseye pattern. When the blocks were complete, we cut the squares up and kept some of each block and sent one quarter each to the other artists. This sharing of block parts makes the quilts truly "sister" quilts. The arrangement of the blocks are individual to each artist. "Seeing Red" was quilted by Colleen Granger.

Detail of Seeing Red