Julie Z. Stiller

Julie Z. Stiller portrait

Julie Stiller is a native Californian Quilt/Fiber Artist currently residing in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The Art Quilt medium is where she concentrates most of her efforts. This includes dyeing and surface design. She also enjoys creating handmade paper from natural materials. The spectacular variety of natural California is the most profound influence on her work to date. Making connections between what she sees in Nature and what she feels in response is the main focus of her current work.

Updates on Julie's work in process can be found at her High Fiber Content blog. Photos of completed work can be found at her website.


"I Live On Gray Street"

"I Live On Gray Street" (34" x 44"). This quilt is made with artist-discharged fabric and quilted with words from a song titled "Gray Street". Made for an exhibit called "The Indelible Spirit".

Tarot #11: Justice

"Tarot #11: Justice" was made with photo transfer, commercial and artist-dyed fabric, hemp rope. This quilt was made for an exhibit of quilted tarot cards.

Detail of "Tarot #11: Justice"