Linda Cline

Linda Cline portrait

Linda Cline learned sewing at an early age and began exploring quilting as an art form shortly after graduating from college. She is drawn to cloth as a medium because of its tactile nature and its endless variety of color and texture.

Linda's current work is characterized by abstracted still life and landscapes. She enjoys abstracting and pushing colors to create unusual imagery, and emphasizes what she finds appealing in a subject. Most of her current work includes dense intricate free-motion machine quilting which adds a wonderful texture unique to quilted cloth.

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Blue Moon

"Blue Moon" (10" x 14")is one of a series of vases in which Linda has been exploring collaging fabric which she cuts freehand for a spontaneous look. It was made in response to a challenge, to create a quilt based on a song with a color in the title.

Blue Moon

"Beneath the Tumtum Tree". Linda created this quilt in response to a challenge to create a quilt based on the Lewis Carroll poem "Jabberwocky." In this quilt, the Tumtum tree is contrasted with the dark tulgey wood. The colors were chosen to give this quilt a fairytale-like quality. The Jabberwock cannot be seen, but you can see his presence lurking behind the forest trees, depicted abstractly with triangle bits of fabric and trim.